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ARC官方網站 http://www.iarc.fr/  里面可以查詢到巖棉已經從第一、二類材料里面剔除并標明屬于第三類別材料。

The biggestmisunderstanding is between rock wool and asbestos. Asbestos is considered as acarcinogen which will cause mesothelioma and lung cancer. The lung cancer iscaused because that the asbestos stay in the lungs and do not discharge. Therock wool does not contain asbestos and it will not stay in the lungs.



The rock woolproduction enterprises are in strict accordance with the OHSAS18001(the occupationalhealth and safety management system) for production and management. In thedomestic the rock wool production has decades of history. And the history ismore longer abroad. Till now there’s no proof that the rock wool will causecancer to the human body so the users can use it saftly.


Also the rock wool is different from the mineral wool.The rock wool is made from a natural rock melts. It is non-toxic and harmlessto human body, and it will not breed bacteria and insects easily. Besides itwill not pollute the environment.